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Yubo’s Combination of AI and Human Moderators Protects Gen Z Users

Social platforms have struggled for a long time to provide a secure environment for online communities. But new developments in real-time audio and video moderation have changed things. Yubo has the ability to identify harmful content and take necessary action with the use of AI and human moderators.

Yubo’s Safety Plan

Leading international authorities on internet safety make up Yubo‘s safety advisory council. These individuals provide Yubo with valuable suggestions and perceptions on enhancing safety. The company has also worked with governments and nonprofit organizations to create a safety plan. Additionally, Yubo has a safety team that reacts in a couple of minutes to allegations of improper behavior.

Additionally, Yubo has developed age gates to distinguish between adult and child users. Yubo has developed several distinct communities that divide users by age to discourage users from interacting with others of various ages. The app is not available to anyone under the age of 13. When a person signs up, their age is confirmed. Most iOS users already have this functionality, and Android users will have it completely integrated in the next weeks.

Yubo has also used advanced algorithms to keep an eye on live streaming. Its algorithms are able to identify and filter dangerous content. They achieve this by listening to and watching brief audio and video clips.

The safety staff at Yubo may also react to complaints of improper conduct and report such instances to the police. In situations when there are risks in the actual world, these activities may be crucial.

Yubo’s New Functions

Users of Yubo may now prohibit objectionable terms from being used in their talks thanks to a new function. Slurs, vulgarity, and obscenities are examples of these terms. The business has also included a “swipe” option that enables users to turn off their location and conceal their profiles. Turning off location services in the phone’s settings will enable this capability. Additionally, users may conceal their location by utilizing the “Hide Location” app.

Yubo has shown to be a very successful tool for meeting the most vulnerable people’s requirements and identifying real-world danger.

New Security Tools

As part of its dedication to providing Gen Z with a secure environment, Yubo has also created several security tools that are intended to guarantee a fun and secure online experience. One of these capabilities is a sophisticated algorithm that analyzes every text and graphic material transmitted on Yubo. Hive, a cloud-based content moderation firm, helped develop this algorithm. This algorithm is used by Yubo to stop improper conduct and to detect instances of hate speech and racism, for example. Additionally, it notifies users in real time when dangerous behaviors take place.

One of the most well-liked social networking applications for Generation Z is Yubo. Due to this, trolls and fraudsters have turned it into a target. The company has implemented the safety as mentioned above measures and is regularly upgrading them to avoid this.

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