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Lessons to Learn from BaaS

Here we look at the technical aspect of building a BaaS. We look at how it works and how it fits into the service paradigm. Building a BaaS is about building a service that is focused on web performance and scalability. One needs to open the architecture of their platform and then dive into building a web page that has the capability of providing a service. A few challenges that modern applications give out are

Challenges from a modern application

Engaging customers with web and mobile applications that completely run online as a service requires some tasks. The design has to be modern to attract attention, also it has to have faster page loads for good response. Engaging UX results in better engagement with the customer. It must have automatic scalability for a person who wants to get ahead with their services. The time to connect to the market should be rapid. With high availability, many people will be able to use it at one time making it suitable for the masses.

The Classic 3 Tier Architecture

The most common way of implementing a web page that provides service today is through a 3-tier architecture. The design has some difficulties according to the requirements.

  • A web page sometimes has more than 100 resources picked up from a web page ich make latency of that particular page critical for performance.
  • Due to server rendering the client has to wait until the server has rendered all the queries to proceed further
  • The database must be highly available which is extremely difficult if you also would like to have consistency
  • The server needs to be scalable which is difficult when there is multiple continuously engaged with a. single web page
  • There are chances that business logic is duplicated between the client and server that leads to confusion between the front end and the back-end team. This makes serving the project more difficult and delaying the response time to the market.

The Serverless Paradigm

The two common forms of serverless architecture most commonly sued are Function as a Service and Backend as a service. FaaS only covers stateless code execution which means that there is no single integrated platform and you will have to apply different software for different tasks like storage, user management, push notifications etc. This is where Backend as a service enters the stage and changes a lot of things, it comes with the idea of combining the easiness of function as a service with all the capabilities a typical website or mobile app requires.

How do BaaS work?

BaaS is generally composed of three layers

The use of API in the BaaS is what makes it useful by storing the query data, running server-side code, authenticating users and more. This in combination with Infrastructure as Service is implemented for successful performance.

BaaS also takes care of hosting and delivery. In the case of a web page, this means that it will store your HTML files d other assets and will deliver them to the user whenever needed.

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