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Discover How AI is Taking Over In-Product Search

Given the choice, customers prefer to help themselves. Bringing support inside a product or app enables users to ask for and receive help without leaving your web application. It reduces friction, increases convenience, and creates greater continuity.

How do you accomplish in-product search? With artificial intelligence (AI) that allows you to plug an AI-driven search engine into Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk, or another app to deliver frictionless search results. Providing relevant support directly within your product helps end users find success on their own with embedded product support and recommendations.

Using an Omnichannel Personalization Experience

Omnichannel personalization is the notion of creating customer experiences based on real-time data from all channels. An omnichannel customer experience consists of individual customer touchpoints across a variety of channels that seamlessly connect, allowing customers to move from one channel to another and continue their experience seamlessly.

The benefits of omnichannel personalization include being able to:

  • Personalize products, content, and copy on any customer channel
  • Link customers’ online behavior to in-store follow up by notifying local stores when a particular user browsed specific items online
  • Enable in-store purchases to be reflected in online product recommendations and promotions
  • Connect customers’ online browsing behavior to personalize the in-app experience and trigger relevant push notifications

Once again, you need an AI-driven search engine to accomplish this.

Improving Search Results Over Time

The beauty of AI is that it results in intelligent search. Your smart search platform gets better over time. Search suggestions and results are continuously tuned and optimized based on language cues and successful self-service outcomes. Your intelligent search services result in a number of positive outcomes, including averted cases, since customers get the information they need quickly, and happier customers.

With a smart search platform, you can connect customer signals across platforms to deepen your personalization of search results and recommendations. You can automate recommendations that can anticipate customer needs based on previous interactions and queries.

Measuring and Boosting Self-Service Success

By tracking the number of cases you deflect and associating cost savings for each issue an agent doesn’t need to handle, you can easily demonstrate the value of AI-driven in-product search.

You can look at queries where a customer searched and wasn’t able to find helpful content. This will allow you to see and address content gaps in your community knowledge base.

Auditing search effectiveness and keeping tabs on content trends across channels enables you to fine-tune your self-service experiences, including queries per channel, recommendations clicks, and visit trends.

Discover the benefits of an  AI-driven search engine by Coveo.

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