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5 Smart Ways To Manage Your Online Reputation For Free

You might be wondering why is your online reputation important? After all, you’re not a celebrity, so why manage your online presence?

Having a great online presence can aid in getting you your dream job through online resumes, websites, and portfolios. Unfortunately, an online presence that is poorly managed can deter not just future employers, but future schools, landlords, even customers.

To find out how to manage your online reputation, here are 5 simple (and free) ways to start!

  1. Research your Criminal Records

Criminal records, including mugshots, are all available to the public online for free. Even if your record is sealed or expunged, mugshots and other reports might still be available online for employers or customers to view. You can use our free service to scour the web for criminal records and mugshots, and then begin the mugshot removal process by reaching out to privately owned websites and showing records of your expungement.

  1. Clean up your Google Search

Googling yourself is completely free and eye-opening to see where your online reputation currently stands. Start off small by deleting negative content that can appear on a Google search off of your social media accounts or by making your accounts private. If this isn’t enough to clean up your online reputation, you can learn how to ungoogle yourself with the help of our online reputation management team.

  1. Create Better Content

 If you’re one of many users wondering how do I remove my name from Google? well, the answer might be more complicated than reaching out to websites. Instead, through highly optimized blog posts, articles, and websites, online search results for your name can show you in a positive light, so you won’t need to worry about your name on Google. You can also focus on what you can remove, such as written slander, your own social media posts, and information on a privately owned site. Start with a free consultation with our online reputation management team.

  1. Improve your Online Reputation Score

If you own a business, an online reputation score shows what the general consensus is about your presence online. Whether it’s good, bad, or neutral, reviews and news articles can all play a big part in your online reputation score value. A free consultation with an online removal expert can help rid of negative online data, while using search engine optimization and other techniques can help improve your reputation.

  1. Keep your Profiles Updated

Updating your online profiles on professional websites such as LinkedIn is not only free, but crucial when seeking future employment. Make sure your profile doesn’t still state you’re a high school student or an intern, and include all relevant employment information in your profile. Always keep in mind your current job’s online social media policies as well.

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